How To Create A Social Post and Caption

Dena Maney
Dena Maney

Video Tutorial: 


Step by Step Tutorial: 


1. Navigate to


2. Click "Babbily Image Generator"



3. Click the description and type in your prompt. For this example, we used:

"Create a hyper realistic, photo quality image of a bulldog wearing a white hoodie with a blurred street view in the background".



4. Click this dropdown and select the desired size.



5. Click "Generate"



6. Right-click the image and save.



7. Click the back arrow.



8. Click "Babbily Chat"



9. Click "Chat with Image"



10. Click this image icon and upload the image you just created.



11. Click the "Write a message" field.



12. Type in your caption. For this example, I wrote "Write a fun instagram caption for this image. The hoodie in this image is of our brand Dog Street Wear. We want a caption that reflects humor, but highlights the hoodie."


13. Click send.



14. If you want to save, click the save icon. Alternatively, click the copy text button.



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